James Taylor: cellist

 In Cello Rock

James Taylor, on The Howard Stern Show (05/12/15)

There’s a little known fact about the folk singer James Taylor.James Taylor, possessor of the voice everyone likes, the voice so many of us tried and still try to emulate, began his musical career on the cello. See his interview with Howard Stern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI65B8pOWq0 at about 3:45. James started on cello, which, he says, gave him a heightened appreciation for bass lines in his guitar playing and the importance of bass figures in his songs. Listening to this, I expected Howard to point out that his voice has a very cello-like quality, round and warm and inviting and gorgeous. It is easier, I would say, to develop a good cello sound than to be able to sing like James Taylor!

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